Guest Testimonials

Dr. Paul Spudis

Lunar Scientist

"As a long-time member of the space community, I greatly appreciate David Livingston's "The Space Show." Having appeared as a guest on the show more than a dozen times, I am always impressed by David's deep knowledge of the field and the wide range of ideas and topics on his show. He treats each guest on his show with respect and courtesy, making The Space Show one of the premier forums for serious discussion and rational debate on the internet. I wish David and his show continued success in the coming years."

Dan Adamo

Retired NASA Flight Dynamics Office, space educator

"Since 2010, I've appeared as a guest on The Space Show half a dozen times. During that period, I've also helped lead 5 classroom sessions. By hosting these forums, David Livingston provides the astronautical community a unique and open environment for exchange of ideas, opinions, and information on space exploration and pioneering. Each show and classroom is meticulously summarized and archived, creating a rich library chronicling humankind's aspirations for off-Earth activity. If we someday become a space-dwelling species, David's work will record how it happened for future scientists, technologists, entrepreneurs, investors, policy-makers, historians, anthropologists, and settlers alike."

Charles Miller

President NexGen Space LLC

"David Livingston is the Larry King of the space world. David provides an engaging, and enjoyable place to discuss the most exciting events taking place on the space frontier, and his show has created a unique historical archive of the New Space age."


Gary Hudson

President, The Space Studies Institute

"It’s been said that those of us in the current NewSpace community stand on the shoulders of giants of the past space age. So too will the next generation of space scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs and visionaries – and they will be able to look back to The Space Show archives to chronicle the pioneers of the current age of NewSpace."

Dr. John Jurist

"The Space Show has been an invaluable resource over 14 years and 2,500 interviews and discussions. The presentations cover a wide range of topics and are suitable not just for aerospace professionals, but for space enthusiasts and advocates of all types. The Space Show is an important source for information related to all aspects of space exploration and development, and its archives are useful in studying the evolution of this fascinating subject."

Dr. Jim Wertz

Microcosm President, USC Adjunct Professor of Astronautics

"From my experience, the Space Show is unquestionably the best "place" available to present ideas and explore new concepts for all types of space missions. Both the discussion and the feedback are always useful and it helps tremendously to interact with a larger segment of people than is otherwise possible. I believe that the Space Show serves a unique and valuable purpose in advancing space exploration at multiple levels. David Livingston is an excellent host for the show."

Mike Gold

Director of D.C. Operations & Business Growth Bigelow Aerospace, LLC

 “I always enjoy listening to the Space Show and the in-depth interviews that are conducted. It’s a great source of information at a time when the field couldn’t be more dynamic.”

Heather R. Archuletta

JSC Medical Studies 2008-2014

"Long time listener, and proud to have twice appeared on The Space Show. Anyone who's anyone in the aerospace industry finds a platform here, and you'd be hard pressed to find an agency, company, mission or project of scientific value that Dr. Livingston hasn't featured."

Michael D. Griffin

11th Administrator of NASA

"The Space Show is a great venue for informed debate about everything space, from policy to geopolitics to space architecture to missions to science. The discussion is always professional, but also direct and to the point. The caller-question format makes it impossible to hide behind obfuscation and political correctness, a most welcome feature. The Space Show is a "must" for those who really care about our future in space."

Jim Keravala

Shackleton Energy

“The Space Show is one of the sector’s most complete sources of in depth narrative on the history, status and growth as we enter into a time of accelerating change and opportunity. Dr Livingstone has singlehandedly created the de-facto archive of insights directly from the people who are making things happen which is a vital source of learning and will be a record of how we established our foothold to the stars at this very special time. The Space Show and its archives are a planetary treasure.”

Doug Messier

Parabolic Arc

 "The Space Show is absolutely essential if you want to understand what's happening in the space industry. David conducts insight interviews with anyone who's anyone in space. Please give generously to help support David's valuable work."

Dr. Eligar Sadeh

Professor & space consultant

"The Space Show is the only radio show dedicated to a discussion of the scientific, technical, engineering, social, political, legal, and commercial issues, problems, and challenges in the development and exploration of outer space. It is unquestionably an important forum that serves to advance humanity as a spacefaring species."

Dr. Charles Lurio

Writer/Publisher of The Lurio Report

 "The Space Show is an incomparable resource of in-depth, objective space information, hosting guests that cover the breadth of the field. Dr. David Livingston will continue to fulfill this vital role in years to come."

Brent Sherwood

Space Architect and Program Manager JPL Solar System Mission Formulation

 "For many years, The Space Show has been a reliable, “go to” place for learning – and having spirited dialogue – about all aspects of the human endeavor to explore and conquer the frontier of space. Host David Livingston opens his mind and mike to experts from across the spectrum of capabilities, concepts, visions, and passionate views about what we can and should be doing with our commitment to space flight. I always enjoy my appearances on the Show, not least because it’s a chance to address questions and issues from people who care about our human future in the infinity beyond Earth."

Dr. Clark S. Lindsey

Managing Editor of NewSpace Watch,

"Since 2001, The Space Show has provided unique access to key leaders and participants in the growth of a vibrant and inventive entrepreneurial space industry and community. Today hardly a day goes by without news of another smallsat constellation project, or another step towards commercial human space flight, or the debut of some other new and innovative commercial space venture. Getting to this point, however, did not happen overnight. The Space Show archive provides a clear view to what was happening for many years under the radar of the main stream press and aerospace publications, which long gave short shrift to efforts to expand commercial space beyond GEO communications satellites. The2500+episodes of The Space Show constitute an invaluable archive for this important "NewSpace" period in space development. Please support the Space Show's initiative to obtain the tools and systems to allow users to fully access and utilize this enormous and growing space history resource."

Michael Simpson

Executive Director, Secure World Foundation

"Taken one by one The Space Show broadcasts are a powerful tool for helping busy people keep up to date with creative thinking in the space sector. Taken collectively, these broadcasts represent an historical record of humankind's burgeoning experience of space. Preserving that record is important."

Rand Simberg

Author, Aerospace Engineer, Blogger

"For years, David Livingston has been capturing the news in space and thoughts from key players in the space industry, including academics, scientists, engineers and industry leaders. The resulting audio archive is a potentially valuable resource for this and future generations, but only if it is properly organized and searchable. As a long-time contributor to it, I strongly encourage people to support David's project to make it so, and potentially even raise enough money to transcribe it, which would increase its value even more."

Dr. Doug Plata, MD

"The Space Show is such a resource. Where else can one get such a wealth of perspectives from various leaders in space. I have a way better understanding of all things space thanks to The Space Show."

John Batchelor

Host of The John Batchelor Show

My work these last years with David Livingston and the Space Show has been a through privilege and pleasure. David's passion for the themes of space science and exploration are only matched by his depth of contacts in the field of astronautics, astronomy and now the new business of commercial space enterprise.

Jim Crisafulli

Director Hawaii Office of Aerospace Development

"A highly informative program addressing timely issues in the aerospace industry, The Space Show has provided a dynamic forum for professional dialogue and exchange with leading scientists, educators, and entrepreneurs worldwide, as well as an interactive platform for exploring humanity's future in space. The programs Dr. Livingston has archived over the years constitute a profound testimonial to our Cosmic quest, and afford a unique resource for the public to explore the compelling potential and promise on this stellar frontier!"

Dr. Jim Logan, MD

 "The Space Show is my 'go to' place for all things space. Superbly hosted by the peerless Dr. David Livingston, it covers a wide range of topics from the factual to the fanciful, from the scientific to the speculative. Informative, stimulating, provocative and entertaining, the Space Show never fails to deliver an interesting as well as inspiring experience."

Dr. William (Bill) Rowe

"David Livingston’s Space Show provides unique access to extraordinary guests; where else would I have had the opportunity to inform Buzz Aldrin, that 4 moon walkers returned to Earth with abnormal stress tests, including Neil Armstrong? I put the 7 minute sound-bite on my website; I cherish it!"

Mark N. Sirangelo

Sierra Nevada Corporation

“For me, the Space Show has always been an engaging and informative program that not only allows for expert questioning and commentary but also engages space enthusiasts from around the globe. Having a long format interview allows guests to discuss much more than on similar programs and provides time for a deeper discussion.  David shares a passion with his guests and callers for all-things-space that’s evident in each and every show.”

Dr. Michael Gruntman

USC Astronautics

"One the best informative and educational programs on the radio that brings problems and challenges of our vast space enterprise to diverse audience of listeners across the globe. Space policies and politics; science, technologies, and education; entrepreneurial endeavors and innovations; "new" and "legacy" space - all discussed in depth by stellar guest specialists."

Leonard David

Space Journalist, Inside Outer Space,, AIAA Aerospace America

"David Livingston and The Space Show are both pioneers - a unique blend of talented and insightful observations and using an outreach medium to educate us all about space programs, past, present and future. The Space Show is its own "historical document" - invaluable recordings of individuals that are making a difference in setting the trajectory of space exploration. Policy, politics, technology, economics, cultural shifts, new space and old space have been part of The Space Show since Day One. I add my voice of support for building upon the past shows and look forward to its growth in the years to come."

Michael J. Listner

Founder/Principal, Space Law & Policy Solutions

“It's one thing for an Internet-based program to claim to provide impartial and informative content on issues surrounding outer space development; it's another to deliver. To that end, The Space Show and Dr. David Livingston consistently present substantive programming that is relevant to space enthusiasts and space professionals alike.”    

Bruce Pittman

BruSenior VP & SOO National Space Society

"I have found The Space Show to be an invaluable resource to help me stay up to date about current developments in space. Because the show goes into significant depth and attracts highly qualified speakers it provides a perspective that is hard to find anywhere else."

Bob Werb

Co-founder of Space Frontier Foundation

"In a world of sound bite journalism, there are very few venues for longer format interviews. When discussing space issues, context and clarity are essential. The Space Show is the best venue in the Solar System to hear how our civilization is opening the space frontier to human settlement."

Alan Boyle

Cosmic Log

"For years and years, Dr. David Livingston and “The Space Show” have been providing an ongoing survey of our progress toward the final frontier … including the commercial spaceflight industry, a topic of great interest and promise for both of us. I can hardly wait for David to chronicle our move into the citizen spaceflight era we’ve been looking forward to for more than a decade."

Dr. Erik Seedhouse


"David's passion is space and that's what the Space Show is all about. It’s a conversation with a prominent person in the space industry about the role of space in our lives, revolving around a specific subject at which space lies at the core. The Space Show approaches space not as a lecture topic, but as an everyday topic that factors into all our lives. As a result, every Space Show is a fun, engaging and informative insight into the myriad ways space shapes our lives and David keeps the conversation lively enough so the listener wants to keep listening."

Tom Olson

Founder Exodus Group

"The Space Show has been, for over a decade, an indispensable part of the NewSpace industry. Part space advocacy, part no-nonsense business, Dr. Livingston sets the absolute bar for clarity, analysis, and unique, expansive content. His guest list has included anyone who's anyone in commercial, government, and academic space sectors. We in the NewSpace area who labor diligently for a future of space settlement and prosperity for future generations owe much to Dr. Livingston and the Space Show. It is the glue that holds us all together."

Bob Zimmerman


It is difficult to measure the importance to space of David Livingston's effort during these past ten years. When the Space Show began, the X-Prize was news, but the idea of private space and space tourism were considered wild and absurd ideas. Ten years later, these ideas are now common knowledge and are likely to be main path for the human race into space. By giving a forum to supporters of commercial space, The Space Show under David's leadership made this paradigm shift possible. Thank you David! When the solar system is finally settled, the colonists there should remember that his important contribution helped make that settlement possible.

Dr. Haym Benaroya

Professor Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering, Rutgers University;

"I am pleased and honored to endorse The Space Show and its host Dr. David Livingston. In my view The Space Show is not only the preeminent source for space news and interviews with the key players, but David is the foremost authority on all things Space. His show and his interviews play a major role in how we view Space and impacts all of us who are involved in the science, engineering, policy and business of Space. The Space Show is a strategic resource. I wholeheartedly endorse this funding opportunity."

Debra Facktor Lepore

Vice President and General Manager, Strategic Operations Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp.

David Livingston, known as Dr Space to his “The Space Show” listeners, is a long-time supporter and advocate for the space community. David’s style on-air is as natural and effortless as he is in person. As a guest speaker on the show, it’s like you are present; and as a listener, you are actively engaged.  David enables his audience to keep up with all of the developments in the space community. David is smart, patriotic, and loyal to his audience. It is essential to the space business that his shows be archived, to inform and empower and the next generation of space leaders.

George Whitesides

CEO of Virgin Galactic

"David Livingston is an important resource for compelling space information. He has seen it all and, with his guests, communicates interesting perspectives on the latest developments in space business, science and exploration."   

Rex Ridenoure

CEO and co-founder, Ecliptic Enterprises Corporation

"Since the early 2000s, The Space Show interviews have chronicled all key developments in the expanding 'NewSpace' commercial space arena, offering perspectives from all angles:  the entrepreneurs and their investors; the engineers, technologists and scientists; government and commercial customers; regulators; supporters and critics; and the media following this long and important story.  The growing archives of The Space Show are a key resource that must be preserved and sustained."

Dr. John Logsdon

Professor Emeritus, Space Policy Institute

"There are very few venues where space topics can be discussed in depth and in a balanced and thoughtful way. In fact, The Space Show may be unique in this respect. David Livingston does his homework, asks very good questions, and lets his guests say what they have to say. I always enjoy my interactions with David and the folks that call in to his show."

John Hunt

Space Show listener

"The Space Show is a unique asset for learning about a wide variety of space and science topics. A large variety of guests have included many leading experts including a former NASA administrator which whom you can call and engage in informative discussions."   

Chris Carberry

CEO of Explore Mars, Inc.

"The Space Show has been an indispensable resource within the space community since it was founded. For anyone who hopes to advance a new program, policy goal, or any other space project, it's practically a requirement that they speak with Dr. David Livingston on The Space Show."

Dr. Madhu Thangavelu

USC Astronautics

 "The Space Show is an original concept. In an era of media for fast consumption, David's radio show is meant for those who ponder the promise of space for all humanity. While he is quite capable of asking those hard, thorny questions, he is also a gracious host. Neatly archived, over 3000 interviews by all the movers and shakers in the industry, the various space agencies and authors on related topics, this is surely Prescribed Browsing for both the professional and the layperson alike, for all wishing to get the inside skinny or jumpstart a career in space activity. Light speed, David, am looking forward to the 10K interview on The Space Show!"

Howard Bloom

 "David Livingston's Space Show is THE definitive portal to the most important experts in the space community, the experts making space happen. The Space Show is, in fact, encyclopedic. And so is Livingston."


Anthony Young


"The Space Show has provided up to the minute news and topical discussion of interest to the space community for years. It would be of even greater value if its website benefited from a much-needed redesign."

Dr. Patricia Hynes

Director New Mexico Space Grant Consortium & International Symposium for Personal & Commercial Spaceflight

 "The space industry’s voice for the people has been persistent in The Space Show due to the commitment to excellence by Dr. David Livingston. Nothing is too small for David, he watches this industry and provides an historic perspective or current conversation on topics ranging from launch vehicles to planetary probes, from political candidates to government regulation. David’s knowledge and perspective are an essential voice for the people in the space industry and available for all through his radio show."


Rick Kwan

Founding member, Silicon Valley Space Center, Computing and Aerospace Technologist

"With the current period of fast growth in the NewSpace area, "The Space Show" has become mandatory listening for me. It brings a range of multidisciplinary topics that fill in the gaps far beyond my own expertise or training."

Dr. John Brandenburg

Plasma Physicist

I have had the honor of being a guest on The Space Show hosted by Dr. David Livingston on several occasions, and can attest to the high quality of the show, and Dr. Livingston’s wide knowledge and skill as a moderator for all discussions involving space topics. I have always felt that being a guest on The Space Show was a positive moment in space science and aerospace, and helps very much in the program of public outreach to spread knowledge of the value of space exploration. The Space Show also serves as a valuable forum for new and controversial hypotheses involving space, and he has moderated many lively discussions and debates involving guests and callers. His listening audience is vast and informed, and not bashful about calling in to make comments. Being an author of several books about space research, I can report that his program gives excellent exposure to new books and articles concerning space. Therefore, in this epic time of finishing the decades-long effort by NASA , to probe every major body in the traditional Solar System, I urge all persons interested in space to tune in and give support to The Space Show: surely the best show about space for 10 lights years!

Dr. Bruce Damer

DigitalSpace Research & UC Santa Cruz

"The Space Show is bar none the most current, in-depth and broadest podcast of the space industry. Its value as a news source and a forum for the development of new ideas is peerless and has helped the industry advance in productive new directions."

Marcia Smith


"The Space Show is a unique venue to discuss and debate the broad range of issues facing the space program in all its forms – civil, military, and commercial; national and international. Its host, David Livingston – “Dr. Space,” is very knowledgeable himself about the issues, allowing him to ask just the right questions to get to the heart of the matter with his guests and stimulate the audience to respond. It truly is one-of-a-kind and the archive of past episodes is a treasure trove of the thoughts, arguments and visions of the diverse members of the space community. By updating the website and making the archive searchable, everyone interested in the space program will be able to benefit from the rich content Dr. Space has elicited from his guests over the years."

Rick Boozer


"The Space Show provides a globally accessible forum where guests in the aerospace community with extensive knowledge and/or expertise can share their perspective on all aspects of spaceflight: from the technological and scientific work that greatly advances the state of the art, to the political forces that often hinder progress. Such discussions may give the listener significant insights into what is going on and what efforts might be taken to hasten humanity's advancement into the final frontier."

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