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John Batchelor and I welcomed back Dr. Alan Stern for a two part program to discuss the New Horizons spacecraft, Pluto, the parallax demonstration with views from the spacecraft and ground based telescopes for the star Wolf 359 and Proxima Centauri.  Alan explained parallax and the demonstration to us but you can read about it and see photos on the web.  Check it out at,reaches%20of%20the%20Solar%20System.   During our first segment discussion, Alan said the purpose of the parallax experiment was simply to demonstrate parallax and the position of New Horizons made this demonstration possible.  He talked about the idea coming from Dr. Lauer but explained how it was a complete team project. We talked specific facts about New Horizons, the instrumentation that was still working as planned and more. 

In the second segment, John talked with Alan about the rest of the New Horizons mission, how much fuel was on board and how long New Horizons might continue sending info back to us.  He talked about looking for new KBO opportunities for flyby study plus how they were planning to do KBO scans at different intervals to find the new objects to study. We talked about New Horizons move out toward five billion miles from Earth, the speed it was going and more.  This was an excellent Hotel Mars discussion.  Please note that Dr. Stern will be a full Space Show program guest on Sunday, July 12, 2020.

Please post comments/questions on our blog for this show. Dr. Stern can be reached at his page for the Southwest Research Institute in Boulder, CO or through me.  Mr. Batchelor can be reached through me.

A view of Proxima Centauri from Pluto