Guest:  Robert Jacobson; Topics:  Robert discusses his new book "Space Is Open For Business."  Robert went through the book, space commerce, NewSpace, policy, returning to the Moon and more.

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We welcomed Robert Jacobson back to the show for a nearly two hour discussion regarding his book, "Space is Open For Business," plus additional topics including commercial space, NewSpace, comprehensive space policy, global interests in space, China, the Covid-19 factor and more.  Our program consisted of discussion, one caller, and multiple email questions.  In addition, Robert announced a book giveaway offer.  Since the live program is over, listen carefully on how to get a free copy of the book as an archive listener.  Instructions are clearly stated during the program.  As of the time this summary was written, Robert still had a few books left to give away so if you are interested, don't delay.  Just follow the instructions you will hear during our discussion.

To have a good idea of the multiple topics discussed by our guest, take a look at the tags or key words used when archiving this show.  The topics mentioned below are what we spent time discussing via listener emails, the one call from Robert, plus my questions for our guest.

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Regarding my questions, I was interested in Robert's writing and publishing process since I am still working on the idea of a Space Show type of history book for our upcoming 20th broadcasting year which will be June 2021.  I was also interested in how Robert's book treated very timely topics, if at all, that came to be around publishing time or even post-publishing time.  These areas included Covid-19, our increasing US national debt, the nation's economic priorities and our growing partisan divide, China and their space and lunar policy, and of course wanting to know how Robert viewed the Space Force and the idea that we were in a new space race with China.  You will want to hear how Robert addressed all of these questions and more. 

Other issues of interest zeroed on giant number of dollars to be made in space and through space mining.  Robert had chapters focusing on the Trillion-Dollar Space Industry plus space with a potential of doing quadrillions.  Furthermore, I thought it was interesting that Robert took a look at the role of science fiction, space develop and our society.  I also learned about a film he mentioned by the Chinese, "The Wandering Earth."  Listen to what he said about it and motivating Chinese citizens.  You can see and find out more about the film at  If any of you watch it, post your review on our blog.  I believe it is available both on Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Toward the end of our program, Robert went over many of the challenges he sees for space development going forward. One of the biggest challenges he mentioned was our collective need to tell a better story.  We then took an email from Paul asking Robert if the space industry somehow lost their supportive billionaires, would the industry stagnate or worse.  Please don't miss how Robert responded to this question.  Before summarizing his commentary, Robert zeroed in on the need for vision.  Just before ending, Robert and I went down Memory Lane to the early days of NewSpace with conferences and events in Las Cruces, NM.  I met Robert as he was developing the 62 Mile Club!  Listen to his commentary about those days and what the 62 Mile Club was really all about.  You might be surprised, especially those of you who remember this club and his early Space Show program promoting it.

Please post your comments/questions for Robert on the blog.  You can reach him through me or his websites,,, and

Robert discusses his new book, "Space Is Open For Business" Tune in for book giveaway offer details