Guests: John Batchelor, Dr. Bruce Banerdt,  Dr. David Livingston.  Topics:  Mars InSight mission, drilling challenges, Martian temperature, core, seismic analysis and more.

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John Batchelor and I welcomed back the PI of the NASA InSight Mission, Dr. Bruce Banerdt.  During this two segment discussion, we first talked about the Mole instrument or heat probe that needs to drill down to about 16 feet through the Martian surface to take the "Martian temperature." Our guest described the drilling problems, challenges and methods used to get the drilling back on track. We talked about drilling on Mars, Martian soil surprises, the actual temperature probe and much more.

For the second segment, we talked about the InSight seismic instrumentation, how they were listening for Mars quakes, findings so far and pending seismic analysis.  Our guest answered questions, we learned that InSight was almost exclusively using passive listening for Mars quakes for the seismic information though they were generating shallow vibration waves from the InSight mission which they were also evaluating.  Don't miss the additional information on InSight provided by our guest.  For more information including photos, search for NASA InSight Mission.  You will find an abundance of quality information available.

You can email Mr. Batchelor or Dr. Bruce Banerdt through me at  Dr. Banerdt can also be reached through his NASA  JPL website page.

Mars InSight Mission details and update