Congratulations to SpaceX, NASA, Elon, Gwynne, Bob, Doug and all that made this great historic SpaceX Demo-2 flight possible and successful.  The Space Show proudly joins with the thousands here in America and around the world applauding the years of hard work, risk taking, public and private investment, and great leadership on the part of both government and SpaceX.

A job very well done by all.  This is indeed a great and very historic day.

Again, thank you SpaceX, NASA, and all the government officials and representatives making the policy to support our return to human spaceflight and for the leadership shown in making this flight happen.

Certainly a very special shout out to Elon and Gwynne from The Space Show.

Everyone, Keep Looking Up!

Dr. David Livingston and The Space Show


Way to go SpaceX, NASA, Elon, Gwynne, Bob and Doug