Guest:  Open Lines with Dr. Livingston; Topics:  Multiple calls and emails on various space and technology topics.  Check out key words/tags for a guide to topics.

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Welcome to our 1 hour 45 minute two segment Open Lines discussion.  After short opening comments, our first call was with Ft. Worth John.  John brought up a narrow topic that I did discuss with him for practically all of the first segment.  John receives Dr. Jim Woodward's email newsletter and wanted to talk about an argument that surfaced with another Cal State Fullerton physics professor regarding the Einstein General Theory of Relativity which concerns the speed of light in a media as being different than the speed of light in a vacuum.  John talked at length about this topic, the leading scientist proposing a new theory, Dr. Jack Sarfatti, the work on it with the other Cal State Fullerton professor and the rejection of this body of work by Dr. Woodward.  I thought John did a good job of explaining the argument and what it might mean if Dr. Sarfatti' s work was verified.  I realize this is a lengthy discussion and a narrow topic but it may surface into a broader discussion with significant consequences should it be discovered to have merit. This is an opportunity to become familiar with subject.  Also, John and I talked about folks wanting to see more upwards scaling with the Woodward work regarding Mach Thrusters as many think the progress is too little and too slow.  Making it into the discussion were comments regarding Jim's associate Dr. Heidi Fern as the other Cal State Fullerton professor commented about Heidi and her work and Fort Worth John reported on that commentary. 

We went on to the second segment with a call from Fremont John.  He posted his blog on our blog, "SpaceSettlementProgress" to talk about several important new stories including the payload for Space For Humanity being launched by Xplore, Inc. and Dylan Taylor.  John also talked about fusion reactor progress so don't miss that story on his blog.  As you are looking over his blog, you will find many other relevant and timely stories.  One additional story John told us about was regarding the ESA Large Logistic Lander. The blog is at  By the way, I subscribed to it and suggest you do as well.

Ft. Worth John called a second time on NewSpace and related topics and possible program cancellations with a change of a new administration.  While not mentioned during our discussion, a hint of what may be forthcoming with a change of administration is the newly proposed House bill, H.R. 5666.  Read about it here:  Remember, I am thinking this is a just a possible hint but as far as I know, nobody knows what space would look like in a new administration starting in January 2021. 

Our final call came from Tony in Los Angeles just as we were about to close the program for the day.  Demo-2 reaction, astronaut gender and Musk having changed space media coverage were just a few of the topics Tony and I discussed.  Before ending the call with Tony, I got a Covid-19 update for Griffith Observatory and Los Angeles in general.

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