Guest:  Dr. Bruce Cordell;  Topics: Maslow Window for space development opportunity, Covid-19 as a 21st Century Sputnik Moment, economic history and today, economic recovery, lunar return and more.

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We welcomed back to the program Dr. Bruce Cordell for a two segment nearly two hour discussion about the opportunity now presenting itself for space development with a Maslow Window opening, plus Dr. Cordell made the case that the 21st Century Covid-19 event is similar to the Sputnik Moment.  He spent much of the program presenting his ideas, supporting, them, and backing them up with an assortment of historical and current day facts.  We had several phone calls during the program plus many email questions and comments.  As I have been doing in recent months, I read sponsor messages during the interlude between the first and second segments.  Please reach Dr. Cordell through his website,  I posted his talking points on the blog for this program.

We began our discussion with Dr. Cordell reintroducing us to the concept of Maslow Windows plus examples such as the Apollo program and earlier the Panama Canal.  As for space, Dr. Cordell, spent much time going through the early space history from the Eisenhower days up to and including Apollo, Sputnik, the Sputnik Moment across America plus the fear and impact of Sputnik on all groups and ages of people at the time.  Don't miss this historical summary which covered most of the first segment of our program. 

Some of the specific topics discussed in the first segment included the role of Von Braun, Vanguard, Explorer 1, President Eisenhower and space, the IGY, missile gap, Walt Disney, increasing STEM education in the US, lunar return as a Maslow Window big project, potential EMP threats, over reaction to the Covid-19 threat, North Korea nuclear and missile program, Chinese lunar ambitions and accomplishment, plus the Camelot period of JFK compared to the "golden" NewSpace period the space industry has been enjoying for the past several years.

We started the second segment of the program with a call from Robert in Houston.  Robert wanted to talk about comments offered by our guest in the first segment regarding a timeline for economic recovery in the U.S.   He thought it would bounce back but slower than suggested by our guest.  Don't miss their important discussion.  In fact, we would like to know what you think on this issue so post it on our blog.  This discussion was comprehensive and extensive.  It also included the two comparing the virus to the Cold War in some respects.  This then led to Bruce making comparisons with the old USSR to modern day China.  Bruce interjected economic history into the discussion by citing as an example of recovery options, the Panic of 1907, also referred to as the Banker's Panic.  Bruce offered that usually something big like a war interrupts the economic policy.  He pointed to World War 1 as an important element in the Panic of 1907 recovery. 

Bruce continued to discuss items on his talking point list. Again, you can find the list on our blog as it links to his website page where Bruce posted the points.  Bruce then suggested Artemis for returning to the Moon would continue. He also talked about core drivers, the population being optimistic as an essential part of the recovery, and the pent up demand that he said will no doubt exist in the economy. 

Listener Todd sent in an email question asking Bruce what he thought of the Chinese space program and if it would be delayed due to the virus in China.  Bruce said it was a national prestige program and a military program so he thought China would continue to prioritize their lunar and overall space program. 

Ft. Worth John sent in a note to remind us all that Sputnik caused no damage to us while Covid-19 has caused us and the world lots of economic damage and human losses.  Don't miss what Bruce had to say about this comment.  Next, Bruce was asked about our increasing national debt.  This was both an interesting and informative discussion as I asked if the debt would delay or kill space programming.  Bruce, leaning on his expertise in economic history, panic recovery and the like, said it was not so much about the costs and additional funds needed in tough times as we as about how the people felt about their own economic prospects.  If the people are feeling good, as in a Maslow Window of Opportunity (Ebullience), then project costs, priorities, and more won't matter that much and the big project will be undertaken.  I asked Bruce to repeat this plus I expressed in what I thought was even in clearer words.  I believe this is a very important fact to consider, one I will incorporate into my future commentary on our out of control and rapidly growing national debt. 

As we were nearing the end of the program, Karen sent in an email asking Bruce if the recent Trump Executive Order on lunar and space resource mining was a Maslow Window event and timed to help inspire and drive economic growth and large Maslow Window types of events.  Don't miss what Dr. Cordell said regarding this question and my subsequent commentary.  Before ending, I asked Bruce when the current Maslow Window would expire.  He said the window opened around 2016 and would end around 2028 but for sure not past 2030.  Don't miss all of what he said in response to my question.  Before ending the show, Bruce stated he had always been a Moon-Mars advocate but now believes the Moon should be developed first.  He said he changed his opinion on Moon first when water was discovered at the lunar poles. 

Please post your comments/questions for Dr. Cordell on our blog.  Bruce can be reached through me or his website per above in this summary.

Dr. Cordell sees Covid-19 as a modern day Sputnik moment, then compares history to today to discuss the virus impact on space for today & the future